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Golden Beach Listings - Newest First

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Photo of Listing #A10465377
New Listing

260 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$1,399,999 - 3 Beds, 2 Baths, 2,106 Sf

MLS® # A10465377

Photo of Listing #A10465453
New Listing

547 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$2,495,000 - 3 Beds, 3 Baths, 2,266 Sf

MLS® # A10465453

Photo of Listing #A10467710

598 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$4,985,000 - 6 Beds, 7 Baths, 7,022 Sf

MLS® # A10467710

Photo of Listing #A10468018

428 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$5,997,000 - 6 Beds, 7 Baths, 6,415 Sf

MLS® # A10468018

Photo of Listing #A10464075

410 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$4,295,000 - 5 Beds, 6 Baths, 6,376 Sf

MLS® # A10464075

Photo of Listing #A10460049

296 S Parkway, Golden Beach

$8,399,999 - 4 Beds, 4 Baths, 7,379 Sf

MLS® # A10460049

Photo of Listing #A10453497

220 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$2,995,000 - 5 Beds, 5 Baths, 3,387 Sf

MLS® # A10453497

Photo of Listing #A10456133

125 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$10,400,000 - 4 Beds, 6 Baths, 5,373 Sf

MLS® # A10456133

Photo of Listing #A10439682

288 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$3,899,000 - 5 Beds, 6 Baths, 4,348 Sf

MLS® # A10439682

Photo of Listing #A10436533

668 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$3,590,000 - 6 Beds, 6 Baths, 4,830 Sf

MLS® # A10436533

Photo of Listing #A10433685

266 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$5,600,000 - 7 Beds, 7 Baths, 8,900 Sf

MLS® # A10433685

Photo of Listing #A10433715

274 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$4,800,000 - 6 Beds, 6 Baths, 5,500 Sf

MLS® # A10433715

Photo of Listing #A10429692

422 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$3,300,000 - 2 Beds, 1 Baths, 13,125 Sf

MLS® # A10429692

Photo of Listing #A10426043

655 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$2,999,000 - 4 Beds, 5 Baths, 3,535 Sf

MLS® # A10426043

Photo of Listing #A10416211

674 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$3,470,000 - 4 Beds, 5 Baths, 4,796 Sf

MLS® # A10416211

Photo of Listing #A10409886

3950 194th Ln, Golden Beach

$1,295,000 - 5 Beds, 5 Baths, 2,862 Sf

MLS® # A10409886

Photo of Listing #A10401671

451 Centre Island Dr, Golden Beach

$3,990,000 - 5 Beds, 5 Baths, 4,248 Sf

MLS® # A10401671

Photo of Listing #A10391878

550 N Island, Golden Beach

$12,750,000 - 7 Beds, 7 Baths, 8,127 Sf

MLS® # A10391878

Photo of Listing #A10394725

447 Center Island, Golden Beach

$4,750,000 - 7 Beds, 6 Baths, 4,458 Sf

MLS® # A10394725

Photo of Listing #A10391015

322 S Parkway, Golden Beach

$2,849,000 - 4 Beds, 3 Baths, 3,127 Sf

MLS® # A10391015

Photo of Listing #A10383026

667 Ocean Blvd, Golden Beach

$16,495,000 - 7 Beds, 9 Baths, 7,156 Sf

MLS® # A10383026

Photo of Listing #A10381773

330 S Parkway, Golden Beach

$3,499,999 - 4 Beds, 4 Baths, 3,071 Sf

MLS® # A10381773

Photo of Listing #A10380435

180 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$8,495,000 - 8 Beds, 13 Baths, 8,800 Sf

MLS® # A10380435

Photo of Listing #A10376219

577 Golden Beach Dr, Golden Beach

$2,400,000 - 4 Beds, 4 Baths, 4,296 Sf

MLS® # A10376219

Golden Beach is a popular community by the beach near Aventura and Hollywood. This luxurious community is considered part of the “Florida Riviera” and one of the older metropolises of Miami-Dade. Here is where you will see multi-million dollar waterfront homes, mansions, and oceanfront luxury estates. The area is riddled with multiple storey houses with luxurious pool and well-manicured front yard and backyard. 

This tranquil community is positioned between the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intracoastal waterways to the west. Approximately, there are 370 single-family homes in this mile-long sanctuary. Here is where you will truly enjoy serenity since the law protects the area from any high-rise condominiums, commercial development, and even advertising intrusions. Golden Beach residents are warm and hospitable individuals that do really know how to take care of their own. The current population in this tropical haven is around 919. The exclusivity of this community is quite well known and if you live in this area then you will be  considered as one of the elites.

It is not just the status quo that this opulent community offers but here is where you will enjoy pristine sandy beaches and great neighborhood perfect for single families, retirees, and newlyweds. You will get to enjoy living in elegant homes but you will also enjoy nearby communities. It is perfectly situated near Miami Beach, Everglades, South Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. You can just drive over to any of these neighboring communities to do some shopping, exquisite dining, and fun night outs. You get a chance to live in an area that is shielded from the hustle and bustle of the city and still partake from it.

Luxury Waterfront Community

Golden Beach

About Golden Beach

Home to some of the most attractive real estate in all of Florida, Golden Beach is a beautifully close-knit community located directly in between the Intercoastal and the Atlantic Ocean. This intimate locale is rare in that it offers premium single-family homes right on the ocean's waters, and has specific zoning that outlaws the construction of large, high-rise condominiums that block the community's breathtaking views. Golden Beach is truly everything a South Florida community should be.

Real Estate Statistics
Total Listings 43
Average Price $6,193,298
Highest Price $23,500,000
Lowest Price $1,295,000

Golden Beach History

A look in the past, the town was actually founded by two brothers, namely R.W. and Henry G. Ralston, in the early 1920’s. The town underwent a major development. Swamps were dredged, pipes were installed, bridges were created, the three islands were created, streets were built, and underground electrical conduits were installed. It was only in May 23, 1929 that the town became a legalized community. Now the fruits of labor of these 2 men can be seen and experienced in the opulent town of Golden Beach.

Climate And Amenities

Enjoy the Florida weather in this beautiful community, the weather is ideal for those who love to have fun under the sun. If you are an outdoor enthusiast then you will love to try scuba diving, sport fishing, and even snorkeling.

If you love to shop, Bal Harbour high-end shops and boutiques are not too far. You can also enjoy dining in style and sample the sumptuous dishes offered by numerous restaurants in the nearby communities. If you need to travel by plane, the Miami International Airport is just miles away from Golden Beach.

Inside the community, there are parks and various amenities that residents can enjoy. Let us have a look at some of the parks that can be found in this magnificent community.

Loggia Beach Park – situated along Ocean Boulevard, the park is perfect place to get some sun. It has a parking area, direct access to the beach, and other great amenities. Along the beach, there are tiki huts available where one can just sip some cool refreshments after a good dip in the warm waters of the beach. The area is dotted with palm trees swaying along the warm breeze from the ocean.

North Park – this is an open area that is a perfect place to play ball with the family during a lazy Sunday.

South Park – currently the park is great for afternoon jog or a walk in the park.

Jown Tweedle Park – this park is considered as the main park of the town. It is where you will find most recreational facilities being offered. There is a children’s playground and a picnic shelter for family outings. A basketball court and 2 tennis courts are also available for active individuals.


Currently, most of the younger population of Golden Beach attends schools in nearby areas. These students are provided with free bus transportation from their homes to the schools they are attending. Here is a list of schools in nearby areas:

Highland Oaks Elementary School – situated in Miami Beach. The school is offering classes for students Grades 6 to 8.

Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School – this educational institution offers classes to Grade 9 to 12 students.

Sunny Isles Beach Community School – the school is located in Sunny Isles Beach. It offers classes for Kindergarten to Grade 8 students.

In Conclusion

Living in Golden Beach would be like living in a dream since the opulence in this community is quite staggering. Real estate properties in Golden Beach do not stay for long in the market since everyone is hunkering for a piece of this prime real estate. 

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