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Highland Beach Listings (Newest First)

Highland Beach Listings (Newest First)

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We all know that trying to find a good place to build a house and start a home can be a monumental task. With so many options offering various benefits, making up your mind seems to be far from reachable. This is just a natural feeling but you cannot dismiss the fact that careful and utmost attention has to be given when researching and visiting prospective sites.

People have different tastes and prerequisites for their city of choice. However, if you love the beach and wish to live close to it, then the best choice would have to be the Highland Beach. For starters, the Highland Beach is home to quite a number of white sand beaches that are being visited by locals and tourists alike. As you can see in the movies, the town speaks of serenity because its boulevards are lined with palm trees that have become a signature sight for Highland Beach and the rest of the state of Florida. Only in 1949, the Highland Beach was incorporated and named for its commanding views of the ocean due to the high positions of its dune crest.

In terms of the people living in Highland Beach, over 60 percent are adults who are married. However, it has also been proved to be a great place for single people. In fact, there are also residents who come here and build their homes without bringing along a family or roommates to live with them. The best thing is that you are free to be yourself and live the life you desire in this town. 

Where Is Highland Beach Located?

The Highland Beach is located in the Southern Palm Beach County and has a total land area of 1.1 square miles wherein about 50 percent is composed of water. Thus, if you live here, you can have easy and quick access to the beach. In fact, the Atlantic Ocean is adjacent to the town to its east while the Intracoastal Waterway is located to its west. Aside from that, proximity to practically everything you need is so easy like restaurants, Boomers, Palm Beach Airport, and the famous Boca Raton Mall. And since it is located near the beach, the sun and temperature are perfect for daily activities and adventures.

How Is The Climate In Highland Beach?

Many people come to Highland Beach because they want to experience its very nice climate and weather. During the summer, the beach becomes even more inviting because the temperatures are usually around 80 degrees Fahrenheit and the need to cool down a bit rises. Meanwhile, during the winter, the temperatures go down to about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to come to Highland Beach during its warmest month, you should come here in August as its temperature rises to as high as 91.90 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you wish to experience the coldest month, then, come here in January where the temperature is as low as 57.80 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the summer, the temperature variations in Highland Beach are not very much felt. The differences don’t go beyond 17 degrees Fahrenheit. This is also almost the same case during the winter where the variations reach up to only about 19 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Is The Library Of Highland Beach?

The Highland Beach is a great place for your family, especially for your children, because it has a fully functional library. Its new library is built in the rear of the Town Hall Complex near the Intracoastal Waterway by virtue of a referendum that was approved by the town’s voters in March of 2002.

This new structure has made its residents even much happier because of its enormous size that is ten times bigger than the old one. With that, its facilities, reading materials, videos, and other equipment have also been raised in terms of standards. Now, the people of Highland Beach no longer have to go to other towns and cities to gather more information for their research or projects.

To be more specific, the facilities of this new library are listed as follows:

  1. Its large community room is used for educational activities like classes and exhibits.
  2. It has additional public computers, which have high-speed internet connection that are accessible to everyone.
  3. Its reading rotunda is large and can accommodate more people now. To make it more comfortable, luxurious, and conducive for reading, it has been placed with leather chairs.
  4. There are two screened porches facing the Intracoastal Waterway, which give the visitors a feeling of relaxation while they are reading or working.

How Is The Status Of The Families In Highland Beach?

Perhaps one of the many things that Highland Beach can truly boast of is that the families living here are financially secure considering its median family income of $95,217. This may be attributed to the fact that adults here are educated. Though some work at home, it can also be said that many of the successful people living here are single. Additionally, there are not a lot of people who live below the middle class and there is also not a large underclass. This may also be the very reason why there is a low crime rate in Highland Beach.

Housing In Highland Beach

There are many housing options you can have in Highland Beach. There are apartments, condominiums, and houses. You can have the option to rent or buy the place. But one thing that you can be assured of is that its structures are so much newer than those in its neighboring areas.

If you desire to come to Highland Beach and check out the place first, explore its entirety and have a feel of how it is to live here, you can stay at any of the hotels in town like the Highland Beach Hotel. It is known for its superb service and warm accommodation with amenities like an outdoor pool, whirlpool, high-speed internet access, ‘kids eat free’, health or fitness center on-site, on-site restaurant, business center, complimentary parking and more. You also get the best thing of all, which is its proximity to the beach. So wait no more, come to Highland Beach and have a look of what it has to offer for you and your family. 

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